Paralegal Schools in Maryland

There are numerous paralegal schools in Maryland that can provide future paralegals and legal assistants with a quality education. These schools offer programs at the certificate, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree level, and may offer opportunities for students to earn endorsements in specialty practice areas. This guide to paralegal schools in Maryland will help you understand the options for pursuing a paralegal degree or certificate in the state. As an alternative to traditional degree and certificate programs, online paralegal programs can be a flexible option for some students.

Paralegal Program Stats

  • There are 14 colleges and universities that offer a paralegal/legal assistant degree program in Maryland.
  • 10 schools offer a certificate program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • 11 schools offer an associate’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • 1 school offers a bachelor’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • 4 not-for-profit ABA-approved paralegal degree programs in Maryland.

Institution-Wide Facts

  • Highest graduation rate: Stevenson University 62%.1
  • Highest transfer-out rate: Frederick Community College 31%.1
  • Highest net price per year: Stevenson University $23,576.1
  • Lowest net price per year: Harford Community College $3,923.1
  • Highest student population: University of Maryland-University College 42,713.1
  • Lowest student population: TESST College of Technology-Beltsville 447.1
  • Annual tuition range for paralegal programs at community colleges and career schools in Maryland: $5,130-$15,103.2
  • 1 school in US News Best Law Schools Rankings of 2013 (top 100): University of Maryland #41

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Paralegal Degree Programs in Maryland

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Anne Arundel Community College
The Legal Studies Institute at Anne Arundel Community College offers two programs in Paralegal Studies: A two-year Associate of Applied Science and a Certificate which can be completed in as few as two semesters. The curriculums for these programs emphasize both practical skill development and substantive legal knowledge to fully prepare graduates for entry into the legal workforce. The Associate of Applied Science program offers three distinct tracks based upon each individual’s desired focus of study. These include business, general practice, and litigation specialties that incorporate more in-depth courses with the more general paralegal curriculum. The Certificate option is also offered on three tracks: business, general practice, and litigation. The general practice track may be completed through an accelerated option that allows completion in two semesters. Students enrolling in the Certificate program must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The Paralegal Studies AAS and the Paralegal Studies Certificate programs have been approved by the American Bar Association.

Community College of Baltimore County
The Community College of Baltimore County offers both an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies program and a certificate in Paralegal Studies program to accommodate students of various educational experience and career goals. The AAS in Paralegal Studies begins with fundamental professional skills such as composition skills, technology skills, and communication. Legal courses are incorporated later in the degree program, covering topics such as legal research and writing, business law, estate administration, and tort law. Students are required to complete a Legal Studies internship prior to completion of the program. This capstone internship experience allows students to network and participate in a variety of professional legal settings, honing and expanding upon their classroom skills. The certificate program is designed for students who have already earned a college-level degree in an unrelated field and wish to have a formal specialization in paralegal studies. Many of the same legal courses are included in the core curriculum; the certificate program merely excludes the general education requirements. Both programs have been approved by the American Bar Association and are good options for students wishing to enter a legal profession quickly.

Stevenson University
For students wishing to engage in a longer, more in-depth degree program in Maryland, Stevenson University offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. The program emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills, enabling graduates to be productive and innovative members of any professional environment. The wide range of legal specialty courses and the longer duration of the degree program allows students to gain a thorough understanding of several legal fields while being trained in the practices and procedures of typical paralegal tasks. Additionally, the SU Paralegal program fosters individual research, incorporating up to date legal technology and tools. Opportunities for practical experience are offered periodically through internships, externships, clinics and cooperative work experience. The SU Paralegal Studies program was the first in the state to be approved by the American Bar Association and continues to be highly regarded. Overall, this is a great program for students who are interested in a more in-depth introduction to legal professions and who may be interested in later pursuing law school.

American Bar Association Approved Paralegal Programs in Maryland (Not-for-Profit)

  • Anne Arundel Community College (Arnold)
  • Community College of Baltimore County (Baltimore)
  • Harford Community College (Bel Air)
  • Stevenson University (f/k/a Villa Julie College) (Stevenson)

Student Reviews

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Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Pkwy
Arnold, MD 21012
(410) 777-2222

Student Review: “I attended for a certificate program in Paralegal Studies after earning my Bachelors from another school. The teachers were fantastic as they were usually practicing attorneys in the area or members of the judiciary. As a student, I got a great foundation in the basics and in depth practical education in aspects of the legal field that I now use in the real world. The thing that helped me the most was the internship course, which helps the students secure an internship via the college and allows you to earn credit while getting experience you can add to your resume. I got a paralegal job in the judiciary before I’d even graduated after completing that course.” -Student at Anne Arundel Community College


Baltimore City Community College
2901 Liberty Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 462-8300

Student Review: “My experience in the paralegal program at BCCC was wonderful. I am currently in law school and the paralegal program gave me the foundation I need to carry me through my first year of law school. The professors O had in the paralegal program were actual attorneys and they provided the best real life scenarios in addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the legal field. The skills I learned in the paralegal program such as case briefing, legal analysis and legal memorandum continues to help me be a strong student in law school.The program was also essential to figuring out which type of law I am most interested in and where I may end up practicing post graduation. The only down side to the program was lack of class availability due to low enrollment.” -Student at Baltimore City Community College

Student Review: “The program was all online, which I was not totally fond of because I like interacting with actual people. It was about as good of a program from a poor city community college which you could expect, to be honest. The instructor was extremely late giving feedback on papers/tests. Her feedback was not concise enough when she did get back to me. Her curriculum was pulled straight out of copying from the text book with no originality or effort to help students learn the material. All in all, I got out of what I put into it for myself, which I guess is about as much as I could expect.” -Student at Baltimore City Community College

Community College of Baltimore County
800 S Rolling Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228
(443) 840-2222

Student Review: “During the course of my time in the Paralegal Studies program at Community College of Baltimore County, I was constantly excited by the real world applicability of the material I was learning. My professors were all experienced and knowledgeable. At times, I wished that there were more classes offered. When I say this, I mean that I often found myself compromising a convenient schedule in order to take a class I needed. However, despite this, I was happy with the fact that my courses were organized into a pathway that outlined my requirements. I was also very excited about the fact that I was set up with an internship at the end of my degree, and was emailed constantly about job opportunities. My advisor was wonderful, and helped me choose the electives that were best to suit my career objectives. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend Community College of Baltimore County to anyone who is looking for an affordable, high quality, Paralegal degree or Certificate.” -Student at Community College of Baltimore County

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