Paralegal Career Interviews

Read our paralegal career interviews featuring current professionals and leaders in the legal community who share their insights and advice for success. You can also find job advice from over 40 paralegals on our page, Advice For Getting Hired as a Paralegal.

Vicky La Celle
President, Orange County Paralegal Association

Chere Estrin
CEO of the Paralegal Knowledge Institute

Kerry Spence
Pioneer and Leader in the Paralegal Field

Laurie Mapp
Paralegal in Alberta, Owner of Halo Secretarial Services

Jennifer MacDonnell
Paralegal and Contributor to The Paralegal Society

Katrina Lea
President of the Fort Worth Paralegal Association

J. Craig Williams
Author of How to Get Sued

James Daily
Co-Author of The Law of Superheroes

Kristin Gray
South Carolina Labor and Employment Lawyer

Michael W. Fox
Partner and Employment Lawyer in Texas

Ryan Davidson
Co-Author of Law of Superheroes

Brian Smeenk
Partner and Employment Lawyer in Toronto

Daniel Burnick
Author of the Alabama Employment Law Blog

Amy L. Bowser-Rollins
Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University

Phillip Miles
Employment Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Michael Maslanka
Employment Attorney and Author of Work Matters

Basil Sitaras
Author of The Employer’s Law Blog

Alden J. Parker
California Labor and Employment Lawyer

Laura Kryta
President, Western New York Paralegal Association

Sean M. Cleary
Attorney, The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary

Interview with Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Legal Business Development Coach

Interview with Charles Krugel, Chicago Labor and Employment Lawyer

Interview with ‘Grumpy Humbug,’ Paralegal in the Mid-Atlantic Region