Paralegal Schools in New Mexico

This guide to paralegal schools in New Mexico will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on where to pursue a paralegal degree or certificate. The colleges and universities in New Mexico offer a variety of programs to fit your personal interests and career goals, and may also offer opportunities to earn a degree or certificate in specialty practice areas. As an alternative to traditional classroom study, you can also consider an online paralegal program.

Paralegal Program Stats

  • There are 12 colleges and universities that offer a paralegal/legal assistant degree program in New Mexico.
  • 5 schools offer a certificate program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • 12 schools offer an associate’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • 1 school offers a bachelor’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.
  • There is 1 not-for-profit ABA-approved paralegal degree program in New Mexico.

Institution-Wide Facts

  • Highest graduation rate: Brookline College-Albuquerque 43%.1
  • Highest transfer-out rate: New Mexico Junior College 26%.1
  • Highest net price per year: Santa Fe Community College $9,575.1
  • Lowest net price per year: Navajo Technical College $3,272.1
  • Highest student population: Central New Mexico Community College 27,677.1
  • Lowest student population: Navajo Technical University 1,686.1
  • Annual tuition range for paralegal programs at community colleges and career schools in New Mexico: $1,824-$19,344.2
  • 1 school in US News Best Law Schools Rankings of 2013 (top 100): University of New Mexico #64

Find out more about paralegal schools in New Mexico, career prospects for paralegal graduates, and further helpful information for paralegals below.

Paralegal Degree Programs in New Mexico

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Central New Mexico Community College
The Paralegal Studies program at Central New Mexico Community College combines general education courses in business, technology, and communications with law specific courses such as torts and civil litigation. Additionally, the CNMCC program develops crucial professional skills through focused skill improvement courses such as legal research, methods of problem-solving, and college writing. This broad-based curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of professions by imparting students with a unique liberal arts perspective and strong critical thinking abilities. Students are also permitted to specialize their degrees through a selection of a variety of elective courses in accounting, criminal law, finance law and a wide array of other topics. The capstone piece of the program is a mandatory internship component that allows students to contribute to a professional law office in the area. This program is comprehensive and well-respected as the only paralegal degree program in New Mexico that has been approved by the American Bar Association.

University of New Mexico
The Continuing Education department at the University of New Mexico offers a Paralegal Certificate program for students who have already completed a college level degree in another field or who have considerable paralegal work experience and are looking to expand their educational background. Graduates of this program are competent in basic legal terminology, legal procedures, litigation assistantship, civil procedure and professional conduct. Students are granted access to the considerable resources of University of New Mexico, including a large library, access to a courtroom, and access to and training in Westlaw, the leading online legal research tool. Upon completion of the program, students are able to pursue an optional internship and mentoring program at a local private law office or government agency. Though this program is not approved by the American Bar Association, it is offered by an established university and may provide students access to resources and professor unavailable at smaller institutions.

American Bar Association Approved Paralegal Programs in New Mexico (Not-for-Profit)

  • Central New Mexico Community College (Albuquerque)

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