Wyoming Paralegal Career Guide

Our career guide is your comprehensive resource for starting a career as a paralegal in Wyoming. This overview provides information on Wyoming paralegal salary, job outlook, and answers to the most common questions about how to become a paralegal in Wyoming. Begin your paralegal career journey using the directory below.

Table of Contents:
Paralegal Careers
Job Outlook In Wyoming
Salary Outlook
Paralegal Certification
Career Quick Start Tips – How to Become a Paralegal in Wyoming
Additional Paralegal Resources

Paralegal Careers

Though paralegal employment is expanding in a variety of work environments, law firms remain the primary employers of paralegal and legal assistant labor nationwide. Large law firms tend to allocate paralegal labor based on subject area, giving paralegals and legal assistants the opportunity to specialize in a particular legal area. Hathaway & Kunz PC is a full-service law firm founded and based in Cheyenne. Hathaway & Kunz provides legal services in a variety of practice areas with particular emphasis on litigation and financial law. The firm’s commitment to personal relationships and excellent client service may make it a good entry point for paralegals interested in working in private legal offices. Murane & Bostwick LLC is another prestigious Wyoming firm, operating out of offices in Casper and Cheyenne. With specialties in real estate transactions, commercial litigation, environmental law, and insurance claims issues, Murane & Bostwick may also provide promising opportunities for paralegal jobs in Wyoming.

Paralegals and legal assistants interested in business transactions, commercial litigation, or financial law may want to consider employment within corporate internal legal departments. Wyoming hosts several large corporations including Jackson State Bank and Trust, Cyclone Drilling, Inc., and Cloud Peak Energy. Additional opportunities for Wyoming paralegal jobs may be found at various state, regional, and federal government agencies.

Job Outlook in Wyoming

Projected Job Growth


Paralegals in Wyoming from 2016-20261

In May 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 440 paralegals and legal assistants employed in Wyoming.2 As law offices seek to lower labor costs, the role of paralegal support staff has grown, with paralegals adopting tasks previously assigned to attorneys and greater numbers of paralegals being hired relative to attorneys. This trend is also visible in the corporate sphere as companies expand less costly internal legal departments rather than seeking more expensive outside counsel. Congruent with these trends, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected 15% employment growth for paralegals and legal assistants nationwide from 2016 to 2026.3 Positive growth in Wyoming paralegal jobs has been projected at 10% over the same period.1

Wyoming Paralegal Salary Outlook

In May 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average paralegal salary in Wyoming at $50,210.3 Though this is lower than the national median paralegal salary of $53,910, this may be due in part to the lower cost of living in the state.2 In addition, Wyoming paralegal salaries vary by geographic area. For example, paralegals in the Northwest Wyoming nonmetropolitan area earn an average annual salary of $56,590.4

Wyoming Paralegal Salary Info By Metro Area

An overview of paralegal salary in Wyoming by metro area:

Metro AreaNumber EmployedAverage Annual Salary

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2017.4

Paralegal Certification in Wyoming

Like in most other states, Wyoming paralegal certification is not required to work as a paralegal in the state. Paralegals and legal assistants are classified as paraprofessionals and permitted to undertake law-related tasks with the direct supervision of an attorney. Beyond this formal definition, state law does not regulate the training or employment of paralegals and legal assistants. This lack of regulation allows private law firms to train paralegals through on-site training programs. However, nearly all employers prefer paralegal candidates who have completed some formal paralegal training or degree program such as that offered through the paralegal schools in Wyoming. Currently, the American Bar Association (ABA) has approved one Wyoming paralegal program.

Wyoming Certification

Though Wyoming paralegal certification is not mandated by state law, upon completion of a Wyoming paralegal program candidates are urged to seek voluntary certification through a national organization such as the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). The certification examinations and continuing education programs offered through these organizations are intended for practicing and prospective paralegals wishing to expand their training and gain valuable credentials. Though not required, national certification provides individuals with a powerful edge in the paralegal job market. You can read more about national certification on our guide Steps to Become a Paralegal.

Career Quick Start Tips — How to Become a Paralegal in Wyoming

The state and national job growth predicted for paralegals and legal assistants reflect a positive job outlook for paralegals in Wyoming. Formal education through one of the paralegal schools in Wyoming or another state and national certification continue to be key to paralegal employment and are recommended for prospective paralegal professionals. You can view typical requirements for Wyoming paralegal jobs on our jobs board. For more information regarding paralegal education and employment within the state, please refer to the Wyoming paralegal associations listed below.

Paralegal Resources

Paralegals are positioned to make a difference for their firms and for their firms’ clients. To succeed as a paralegal, you must have access to the right resources when they are needed. These Wyoming paralegal career resources can help you become more competitive in the job market.

Wyoming Paralegal Career Books

Wyoming Legal Research – The legal research process in Wyoming differs from that in many other states due to the fact that there are relatively few primary sources of law in the state, owing to its relatively low population. This guide to Wyoming legal research helps professionals overcome this difficulty by providing key information on primary and secondary sources relevant to establishing case law both in print and online.

Davenport’s Wyoming Wills and Estate Planning Legal Forms – Family law and related legal actions are a major practice area for paralegals. This guide to estate planning specifically focused on requirements in Wyoming can help paralegals save valuable time researching and drafting needed forms.

Paralegal Job Search Websites for Wyoming

The Wyoming State Bar Job Bank provides listings for Wyoming paralegal jobs from across the state. The Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association also regularly posts paralegal jobs in Wyoming. For more Wyoming paralegal jobs be sure to visit the Paralegal411 jobs board.

Wyoming Court Info

Courts.State.WY.us – The homepage for the Wyoming Judicial Branch provides links to all courts in the state’s jurisdiction from the Supreme Court to the Circuit Courts. Users can access court rules, dockets, and e-filing systems, as well as the most current forms and schedules of fees.

Law Libraries in Wyoming

Wyoming State Law Library – Based in Cheyenne in the Wyoming Supreme Court building, the Wyoming State Law Library holds comprehensive collections in state and federal law. Its collections in Native American legal resources and general law are also notable. Check-out privileges are limited, but legal professionals and the general public are welcome to perform on-site research.

University of Wyoming College of Law George W. Hopper Law Library – The George W. Hopper Law Library is based in Laramie on the main campus of the University of Wyoming. The library’s collections encompass over 206,000 volumes and are open to the general public for legal research purposes.

Paralegal Associations in Wyoming

Legal Assistants of Wyoming – Legal Assistants of Wyoming was founded in 1990 and is an affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). The organization serves paralegals and legal assistants across the state with continuing education opportunities, access to a members-only jobs board, and more. Annual dues are $65 for active members, $50 for associate members, and $25 for student members.

The Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association – The Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association is a regional organization serving paralegals in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Active since 1973, the association is an affiliate of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). Annual dues are $85 for voting members, $80 for associate members, and $45 for student members.

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