Paralegal Schools in Idaho

The paralegal schools in Idaho offer a range of options for earning your degree or certificate in the paralegal/legal assistant field. Though Idaho does not have very many paralegal programs, nearby states such as Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming may have programs that can offer more options. Please visit our guide to paralegal careers in Idaho to find out more about employment opportunities for paralegal graduates in the state.

Quick Facts

  • There are 4 colleges and universities that offer paralegal/legal assistant degree programs in Idaho.1
  • 2 schools offer a certificate program for paralegals/legal assistants.1
  • 4 schools offer an associate’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.1
  • 2 schools offer a bachelor’s degree program for paralegals/legal assistants.1
  • No schools offer a master’s or advanced degree for paralegals/legal assistants.1
  • No schools ranked in Paralegal411’s Top Online Paralegal Programs.2
  • No schools ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Law Schools in 2022.3
  • No schools ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Legal Writing Programs in 2022.4
  • No ABA-approved paralegal degree programs are in Idaho.5

For not-for-profit colleges and universities with paralegal/legal assistant degree programs.

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Comparison of Paralegal Programs

The table below will help you compare not-for-profit paralegal and legal studies programs in Idaho based on various factors. The table includes paralegal program-specific information such as the programs offered and whether there are any online options. It also includes general school information to help you compare the colleges and universities that host these programs, including overall acceptance rate, graduation rate for first-time bachelor’s degree seekers, median debt for graduates, and net tuition per year for full-time undergraduate study. We have also included information on approval by the American Bar Association (ABA). While ABA approval is not required in order to work as a paralegal, it is a mark of program quality that is preferred by many employers.

SchoolABA Approved?Paralegal Degree(s)Acceptance Rate6Grad Rate1Online Options?Median Debt7Net Price1
College of Eastern Idaho (Idaho Falls)Certificate-Legal Studies and Paralegal Training;
AAS-Legal Studies and Paralegal Training
Idaho State University (Pocatello)AAS-Paralegal Studies;
BAS-Paralegal Studies
Lewis-Clark State College (Lewiston)Certificate-Legal Practice Assistant;
AAS-Legal Practice Assistant;
North Idaho College (Coeur d’Alene)AAS-Paralegal100%28%$5,250$7,063

  • — indicates none.
  • N.Av. indicates no data available.

Select Schools in Idaho with Paralegal Degrees

Traditional Programs

College of Eastern Idaho

The College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Legal Studies and Paralegal Training that requires 60 credits to complete and will allow students to develop specialized skills and familiarize themselves with the technological tools necessary to assist practicing attorneys. The four-semester program includes general education and legal coursework through the curriculum. Students will develop practical legal skills such as technical communication, legal research, and rhetoric. Legal courses, including Debtor/Creditor Law and Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, and Contract Law, will help students build a legal knowledge base. In the final semester, hands-on learning classes such as Legal Practices and a legal internship are offered. Graduation from the program requires taking the National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS) certification exam. CEI also offers an Intermediate Technical Certificate and a Basic Technical Certificate in Legal Studies and Paralegal Training.

Idaho State University

The College of Technology at Idaho State University (ISU) offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies. Admission into the 63-credit program requires a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as minimum standardized test scores and the completion of the necessary high school prerequisites. Only 16 students are admitted to the four-semester program each August. The curriculum includes introductory legal courses such as Criminal Law and Procedure; Contract Law; and Tort Law, as well as more generalized professional courses such as Principles of Speech; English Composition; and Computer Literacy and Business Software. The combination of legal and generalized coursework prepares students to enter a variety of professional fields within the legal work environment. The final semester of the program includes a paralegal internship that each student organizes with a faculty advisor. This internship experience allows students to apply what they have learned during their coursework in a professional environment and begin networking within the field. Graduates of the program will be prepared to begin careers as paralegals or continue to ISU’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Paralegal Studies.

Lewis-Clark State College

Three paralegal degree programs are offered at Lewis-Clark State College (LC State) in Lewiston. Students have the opportunity to choose from a four-year Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program, a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program, and a Paralegal Technical Certificate program, depending upon previous education, experience, and career goals. The programs offer instruction in practical skills such as legal research, legal terminology, and human relations, along with general education requirements. In addition, all programs offer legal courses such as Introduction to Law; Civil Litigation; and Real Estate Law and Procedures. The BAS and AAS programs culminate with a paralegal internship that allows students to work in local law offices or other law-related environments. Graduates will be prepared for positions with private firms, government departments, and corporations. Students who wish to focus primarily on clerical and office management duties can pursue a Legal Practice Assistant Certificate or AAS in Legal Practice Assistant at LC State.

North Idaho College

The paralegal professional-technical program at North Idaho College (NIC) leads to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies that prepares graduates for a variety of legal settings. Both full-time and part-time enrollment is available to accommodate different scheduling needs. The 62- to 64-credit curriculum includes many technical aspects of the paralegal profession and equips students with technical knowledge of databases; machine transcription and formatting; record systems management; office skills; and legal writing. Legal knowledge is also incorporated throughout the coursework in classes such as Criminal Law and Procedure; Family Law; and Torts and Contracts. Graduates of this program will be proficient in a variety of paralegal tasks, including interviewing, trial preparation, and document preparation. A paralegal internship is included in the final semester of the program and is a valuable opportunity for students to engage in and explore a real-world legal environment.

Join a local paralegal association. This is an invaluable way to network and get insights into the legal community you want to work in. Many associations allow students to join while they are in school and participate in continuing education or even join a committee.” –Beth Rountree, President of the Idaho Association of Paralegals, Inc.

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