Top Employment Law Blogs

Our list of top employment law blogs was created using a ranking system considering metrics like domain authority, the number of followers on Twitter, page rank on Google, and the number of other websites linking to them. If you are a paralegal or law student, or if you’re just interested in the legal field, the following list of blogs will keep you informed about issues related to current employment law. If you have a recommendation for an employment law blog you think we should add to this list, please contact us to help improve our list.

RankBlogPage AuthorityLinking SitesMozRankPage RankTwitterTwitter Name
1Workplace Prof Blog825,9645.5862,717@psecundaWrkProf
2The Delaware Employment Law Blog765,5025.9052,103@MollyDiBi
3Connecticut Employment Law Blog615265.5763,666@danielschwartz
4Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home561264.8756,110@EmployeeAtty
5The Employer Handbook532955.3554,895@Eric_B_Meyer
6Work Matters594634.7852,566
7Ohio Employer’s Law Blog562915.5451,564@jonhyman
8Texas Employment Law Blog511845.1843,000@CJMcKinney
9FMLA Insights511645.295738@jeffreysnowak
10Lawffice Space461074.8842,527@PhilipMiles
11Employment & Labor Insider511985.265616@RobinEShea
12California Employment Law561034.9741,181@FoxRothschild
13California Labor and Employment Law511454.9341,529@CALaborLaw
14Wage & Hour Defense Blog511495.4341,000@ebglaw
15Employment Discrimination Report52484.7441,181@FoxRothschild
16Social Media Employment Law Blog511225.244606@cozen_oconnor
17The California Employment Law Blog50374.735144@steven_g_pearl
18Colorado Employer’s Law45914.8141,082@employmentlawUS
19California Labor & Employment Law Blog481555.214176@CDFLaborLaw
20Wisconsin Employment & Labor Law Blog49454.604733@EnochsLawFirm
21The Laconic Law Blog39375.044977@welterlaw
22The Labor and Employment Law Blog43765.474100@weintraub_law
23Atlanta Employment Lawyer Blog40235.504233@EmployeeLawFirm
24California Employment Law Report41624.824740@Anthonyzaller
25Alabama Employment Law Report451095.14448@DanielBurnick
26Minnesota Labor & Employment Law Blog441114.66423@MaryleeAbrams
27Win-Win HR41485.063429@WinWinHR
28Hennig Ruiz Employment Law Blog34173.50192@Hennig_Ruiz

How the rankings are determined:
The rankings of are based on third party website popularity metrics including Moz’s Page Authority, MozRank, Google Page Rank, number of sites linking to the blog, and number of Twitter followers. Each metric is given a weight in our ranking formula to determine the order. If you notice missing or incorrect data you can contact us and we will update the list.

If you would like to recommend an employment law blog to add to this list, please email info@paralegal411.org.